About the Readings

The Course Text

Each class session has a set of required readings that you should complete before doing anything else. It also allows you to ask questions prior to moving on! With that said, think of the text as a reference, in that

  • it contains a lot of information that you may use but probably not right now, and
  • it gives you a basis to ask intelligent questions.

So you should absolutely read it to get a basis but in the long run, you will learn more from this course by doing.

The Course Nontext

There’s no such thing as visual learner or any other kind of learner (Rogowsky, Calhoun & Tallal, 2015). With that said, reinforcement using different mediums such as presentations, videos, visualizations, walkthroughs, etc helps. These however take a lot of time to construct so please take some time to go through them. Is the production quality Hollywood? No because I’m a professor at a public university who doesn’t sound like Morgan Freeman, have three children and drive a car with duct tape on it BUT they’ll be decent. I am always open to suggestions so if you have any, please send them along!

Pictures are better than words because some words are big and hard to understand.

— Peter Griffin

Need Help?

I always prefer a face to face meeting if possible but since that’s not possible, you can schedule a Zoom via the calendar or by contacting me on Slack by adding @Dr. Abhik Roy to your message.