About the Tasks

You will get the most of out this class if you:

  1. engage with the readings and materials,
  2. use R to complete any data wrangling or analysis,
  3. ask for help immediately after giving it (whatever it is) a good faith effort, and
  4. keep an open and honest line of communication with me and your peers if possible.


On most weeks, you will be asked to create and completed an array of deliverable. These must be submitted at the start of the next class unless otherwise noted.1 Please adhere to the following format:

  1. Each item must be submitted on a separate page2 and written in pencil.
  2. Show all work and do not assume any step.
  3. Write neatly and leave plenty of space for comments. If you have difficulties in presenting neat work or in spacing, then use a computer program like Word. Again, if you learn how to type your homework in Rmarkdown, you will earn an extra 5% on each submission where this is done.
  4. Staple all of your pages together.

Note: You may receive warnings for violations, but after an undetermined time period points will either be deducted from a final score or tasks will be rejected.

Quizzes and Regular Exams

Exact dates will be posted here soon but you will have an announced quiz or possibly two quizzes, two exams and a final.

Final Exam

This is a comprehensive exam covering content you have already been tested or quizzed on. You will not be tested on any new material.

Need Help?

I always prefer a face to face meeting if possible but since that’s not possible, you can schedule a Zoom via the calendar or by contacting me on Slack by adding @Dr. Abhik Roy to your message.

  1. Should we move to an online format, homeworks must be submitted as a single document on the Submission Portal within ecampus as a single cohesive document (in either in docx or pdf format). ↩︎

  2. Front and back is fine ↩︎